Our Navigation and SatNav Courses are incremental to help you individually build your knowledge and skills, progressing to the next level at your own pace.
As they are accredited they can be used for personal development too. Or maybe you want to just to meet some friendly people, have some fun and improve your skills at the same time.

Some people do not like being assessed and that’s fine. On your course, just let your instructor know at the start if you do not want to be assessed and receive a certificate of achievement. You will receive the same level of instruction and help, but you won’t be assessed, we will simply give you a certificate of attendance instead. You choose whatever you are happy with.


Foundation Navigation

Foundation courses are for people new to Navigation or have never been really comfortable or confident with the basics of map and compass work. Or, maybe you have done some low level walks and want to consolidate what you know before walking in more difficult areas.

Course Objective – To learn to navigate confidently in lowland and popular hillwalking areas.

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Intermediate Navigation

Intermediate courses are for those with basic knowledge and experience, but want to improve their navigation, perhaps to take on more challenging walks, areas, or countries. Maybe you are comfortable in good weather but are worried when in bad weather and poor visibility, and want to feel more confident.

Course Objective – To learn to navigate competently in wild train in reasonable conditions.

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Advanced Navigation

Advanced courses are for experienced Navigators comfortable with most areas of navigation but want to perfect their skills, perhaps navigate at night, want to lead others, or navigate in featureless areas in poor visibility and in difficult terrain.

Course Objective – To learn to navigate proficiently in wild terrain in severe weather conditions.

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Basic SatNav / GPS

Our Basic Sat Nav course is an ideal introduction to GPS/Satnav is for people who have not used a GPS before to those who have done some basics, but are not yet comfortable with using the GPS/Satnav device or Smartphone app, or the mapping software, or do not yet know most of its features and capability.

This is ideal for Hillwalkers to Geocachers, or for professionals seeking an introduction.

Course Objective – To learn how to set up a SatNav App or Device and to use it to navigate safely

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Advanced Sat Nav

Our Advanced GPS/Sat Nav course if for people comfortable with most GPS/Satnav functionality, but want to perfect their skills and reach the highest levels of understanding.

Perhaps you want to lead groups, are a Teacher/Trainer or Police Search Manager, or you are a Hillwalker or Mountaineer that wants to fully understand GPS/Sat Nav for expedition planning.

You can enter the Advanced course directly if you wish.

We recommend you do not solely rely on SatNav devices for your only method of navigation, so we include fundament map and compass skills on our Satnav courses so you can confirm what your Satnav is telling you, or stay safe if your Satnav device fails.

Course Objective – To learn to use the advanced features of a SatNav App or Device to navigate, manage searches and for dynamic mapping.

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Night Navigation

Night Navigation is included for a few hours in the Advanced Navigation course.  But our Night Navigation course is a full two nights of navigation practice covering all the techniques for night nav and giving plenty of time to practice with your instructor and become comfortable navigating at night.

Additional elements are micro navigation at night, safe moving, night vision, estimating distance, height and gradients at night, as well as dealing with emergencies on the hill at night.

A significant amount of the course is learning to use small features at night across difficult terrains. Once you are comfortable with navigating at night, you will also be comfortable with some extreme weather conditions such as low cloud and dense fog.  Anyone can be benighted, so our night navigation course is suitable for anyone walking in mountainous terrain. It is also ideal for Mountain Rescue team members to learn techniques for night rescue call outs.

(We recommend you stay over locally after the night nav course as you may be tired afterwards and so driving may not be advisable).

Course Objective – To learn to safely and comfortably navigate at night and in severe weather and poor visibility.

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Specialist Courses

The Ultimate Navigation School runs professional development grade navigation and satnav courses, externally accredited, for specialists.

Course Objective – Req

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“Around 50% of all Mountain Rescue incidents begin with a navigational error.  24% of Special Forces selection failures are due to poor navigation.”

– Lyle Brotherton – One of the world’s leading experts in search and rescue.

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