We get asked a lot about our courses and course ratios, and we understand why, it is important that you get attention from the instructor on your course.

Our education specialists train our instructors to use the 7 learning styles in a collaborative approach.  We buddy people up so you can help your buddy with your strengths, and they can help you with yours.  We find the best ratio is more than 6 and fewer than 10 on our courses.  More than 10 and you would not get enough instructor time. Fewer than 5 and you feel you are always in the spot light.

For some activities you will practice leading with your buddy and your instructor’s support. For others you will practice the technique while another leads.

This number is also ideal for practicing walking within a group dynamic.  When you walk with others you must be aware of your ability and theirs. You will be taught to plan routes and move safely within your capability and comfort; and to practice that we need a diverse group.

We have tested our approach extensively across hundreds of training courses – and between 6 and 10 is the ideal ratio.  You will never have more than 10, but occasionally there may be fewer than 6.

We always do our best to fit the optimum number for you. (When we are close to 10 we usually use two instructors per course).

All our instructors are Ultimate Navigation School employees – unlike some other course providers we do not use ‘freelancers’ or ‘one man bands’ as we like to ensure all our instructors are quality assured in teaching and navigation skills, and the only way we can guarantee that is to use our own instructors, with a minimum of 15 years each of navigation training, Mountain Rescue or Military experience.

…So you know the standard of instruction you will receive is the best available – with a name like ‘The Ultimate Navigation School’ we have to!