At the Ultimate Navigation School we understand DoE. Most of us have done DoE when we were younger and most of our instructors are active and current regional assessors and are involved in DoE at all levels most of the time.

All our courses are suitable for DoE and simply raise it at the start of your course with your instructor and he or she will ensure they cover DoE specifics with you on the course on a one to one basis.

If you want to be a DoE supervisor we recommend you at least take the foundation navigation course, and we will also cover with you DoE group work and strategies for supervising route planning and expeditions. Simply book a foundation level course and choose the area you wish to do it in, an tell your instructor when you arrive that you want to cover DOE supervision.

If you already have some experience of navigating then you can choose an Intermediate if you wish, and we will still go through what you navigation considerations you need to be a DoE Supervisor, as well as covering more advanced navigation techniques.

On both courses we will cover check pointing, routes for DOE and the safety and care of your teams. Just click DOE on booking.

If you wish to be a DoE assessor, you can work through foundation and intermediate courses, then go on the advanced course; or if you already have a good knowledge of navigation and want to go on the advanced course directly you can.  We will still cover all the aspects of DoE route planning, safety of groups and assessing in wild and remote places with you. But as an Assessor we recommend you aim for achieving the Advanced navigation accreditation. Simply book an Advanced course in an area to suit you and tell your instructor when you arrive you want to cover DOE assessment navigation.

If you are not sure which course is right for you, simply get in touch and our team can help advise you – we all have a good DoE background.

Your instructor will also help you if you want to teach navigation to your DoE groups, cover checkpointing and appropriate terrain, and we will cover common DoE errors that can lead to calling out Mountain Rescue, and how to avoid them.

Simply book a course at the level you wish, and choose the area you want to do it in. Your instructor will help you do the rest.