Tips to stay safe when you are online

At the  Ultimate Navigation School we try our best to keep you safe online.

When accessing our site you should always see the padlock symbol.

When visiting our site, check you are using the address
The https part is important. The s is for secure!

You will always receive emails from us from Check the email address we sent from. Ignore it if it is anything other than

We do not store any of your card details on our databases– ever.

Payments are taken via Paypal pro when you enter your card details to make your booking payment via our site. Never send us any of your card details by email or over the phone.  And we will never contact you and ask you for card details, pins or passwords by email or on the phone – so please never hand them over to anyone.

We will process any refunds etc via Paypal so we do not need to contact you asking you for your card details etc – ever.

On your Ultimate Navigation School My account, choose a complex password of uppercase, lowercase characters, numbers,  and special characters.  Try not to use real words that are in the dictionary, don’t use repeat characters (e.g xxxxx) and choose at least 8 characters – 20 is best!

We recommend you use memorable phrases to create your password. For example –

‘My favourite film is Die Hard 2. Or maybe Die hard 4? I watch it every Christmas!’

Taking the first letter from each word of your memorable phrase, and the numbers, and the punctuation marks, your password becomes


That means you can have a complex password but you can easily remember it!

Please keep an up to date anti virus software tool on your computer. There are good free ones such as AVG, Avira, Avast and so on.

Finally, if in doubt, do not open a suspicious attachment, instead give us a call and ask if we sent you the suspect email and we will try our best to help you.


Help us to help you stay safe on and off the Hill!