People ask why we are different to NNAS – here’s why…

  • NNAS is an initiative started by two companies Harvey maps and Suunto – UNS uses OS maps but is not linked to any company
  • NNAS and UNS are both charities – all UNS profits go to Mend our Mountains, Fix the Fells, The Mountain Bothy’s Assoc and The John Muir Trust, in other words all UNS profit goes back into the hills we all love
  • At UNS we do not use freelance instructors or individuals – all our instructors are hand picked UNS employees and have over 15 years’  experience each in professionally teaching navigation, the Military or Mountain Rescue
  • All UNS instructors are DBS checked and quality tested twice a year for teaching and navigation delivery
  • All UNS courses are accredited and quality assured by Lyle Brotherton (author Collins Ultimate Navigation Manual and Fellow Royal Inst. Navigators
  • UNS is the only school to use the Ultimate Navigation Manual as a standard syllabus. It is regarded as the navigation ‘bible’ and has sold over 400,000 copies in multiple languages.
  • UNS teaches the Ordnance Survey Champions and Ordnance Survey staff, TRAIL magazine writers and LandRover employees – need we say more?

Don’t get us wrong – we respect the scheme Harvey Maps started and their work, but it’s good to have a choice isn’t it?

But don’t just believe what we say.  Here is a small sample of recent review forms from Ultimate Navigation School courses – Reviews >>

Our average course rating is currently (Summer/Autumn 2018) running at –

4.90 out of 5

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